Shire of Mingenew

The Shire of Mingenew (WA Local Government) is an agricultural powerhouse in WA. Lateral was charged with running strategic sessions, devising direction and then completely re-branding and re-positioning the shire and everything it touched. Work included photography and videography, TV, press, print, digital, web and social media.

Animated GIF looping between Shire of Mingenew logo and
A field of yellow wildflowers and a blue sky
Shire of Mingenew directory map
Shire of Mingenew region map
Shire of Mingenew town map
Shire of Mingenew map and guide
Animated GIF of Shire of Mingenew 2016/2017 annual report brochure
Three children sitting on grass smiling at camera
Close up of yellow and white wildflowers
screenshot of Mingenew website on mobile
Mingenew green sloping hill and fields
Lush Mingenew field with two horses grazing in distance
Two farmers leaning on a fence
Mingenew turf club event with tents set up outdoor
Mingenew shire stationery design